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Subject: Software Forum Suggestion(s)
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Software Forum Suggestion(s)

I've noticed lately, that there has been a TREMENDOUS amount of duplicate applications uploaded to the software section.  This is most likely a result of either A) People are just lazy and don't bother checking to see if something was already uploaded or B) People are just trying to grab a couple of extra beans so they can download more stuff.  Personally, I think it has to do more with reason "B".

Someone with the authority needs to figure a way to limit this activity because the software section is becoming one giant mess.  Most of the replies (in order to gain access to the download link) are not true "thank you's", they are just random gibberish to make the link visible.  That, of course, then moves posts up to page 1 because everything is sorted by date of last response.  Just today I noticed BerryScanner uploaded on July 8th and July 9th.  I Love Blackberry has been uploaded 5 or 6 times..

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Thank you for your recommendations, I have PM you, at the same time set up a rule refer to :


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