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Subject: Hair Loss in Men; Myths and Truths
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Hair Loss in Men; Myths and Truths

Hair Loss: one of the most confounding conditions men and women have ever struggled with. People consider their hair as kings consider their crown; an important part of ones identity, an important part of ones self. Hair and hair loss are often considered as indicators of ones youth. People tend to assume that hair loss only occurs to old individuals and though untrue they also often equate hair loss with aging. That is why people are always appalled whenever faced with the possibility of hair loss. Hence we often do whatever they can and believe whatever we hear just to make sure that we get to keep that precious hair of ours as thick and as healthy as can be.

The real causes of hair loss or alopecia, as it is clinically known, have already been explained by science, however, before we proceed to know the real causes of hair loss, let us first see and examine the prevalent myths about why hair loss occur in men.

Now, Myth Number One: We often see TV personalities and even some doctors say that stress makes your hair fall out! Although it is unclear whether stress coming from severe life events can cause alopecia, there are case reports indicating that this may be so. It is however very rare and frequently no cause can be found for severe and rapid developing alopecia. Patients who have suffered hair loss following a stressful event may still benefit from specific treatment to assist in hair re-growth.

Myth Number Two: We often hear that bad blood circulation starves the hair follicles which make them fall out. Although patients with poor blood circulation do not appear to be more likely to suffer from alopecia, tight fitting hats and wigs may cause hair loss in a very small minority of people. The mechanism is still unclear but if it occurs, this may be due to the impairment of blood flow in the scalp. That is why extreme care should be taken by alopecia sufferers who wear these garments on their heads.

Myth Number Three: when your hair is dirty it damages the hair and it falls out!Just not true! The worst thing it may do is irritate your scalp and make your hair smell. How many times at school did you have dirty hair and get away with not washing it for a couple of days? Did you lose hair then? Of course not.

Myth Number Four: Shaving one's head will cause the hair to grow back thicker. This is just not true. In fact, if you are suffering from androgenic alopecia, this will actually severely quicken your hair loss.

Myth Number Five: Dandruff causes permanent hair loss. This is simply not true. Dandruff is a condition of the scalp, not the hair. Dandruff occurs because of the excessive shedding of cells on your scalp skin. For dandruff sufferers, the natural process of scalp-cell renewal is accelerated when fighting off P. ovale, a normal fungus found on every human head.

Now what really causes androgenic alopecia or hair loss in men?

Now there are the DHT and the Androgen Receptors. Testosterone is an androgen hormone which is essential for the healthy development of the body and the maintenance of the secondary sexual differences we see between men and women. Testosterone is converted by an enzyme (namely, 5-alpha reductase) to form dihytestosterone or what we know as DHT. This conversion occurs in the peripheral tissues around the body and results in higher levels of DHT in the scalp and in the blood. Although the mechanisms are not quite clear, scientists believe that DHT is plays a major part in the development of androgenetic alopecia.

From puberty onwards, androgens interact with the genetically determined androgen-sensitive hair follicles, resulting in a sequence of events. This process includes gradual miniaturisation of the hair follicles, alteration of the hair growth cycle and eventually results in small thin hair follicles hence, the patient will experience thinning and loss of hair. To alter the process and redress the balance of hair loss, products that inhibit DHT production, or interfere with the binding of the DHT, along with products that promote hair growth can be used.

When we have the situation detailed above our bodies react by considering these hair follicles as foreign objects that need to be dealt with! This is an auto-immune response. The body then rejects these hair follicles and this exacerbates the situation. Symptoms include itching scalp, tingling and inflammation of the scalp. You should consider the use of a shampoo that treats this irrespective of the hair loss solution you choose.

Hair loss in men or androgenic alopecia can be lessened and reduced, even stopped. All you need to do is know the right information about alopecia and do the right things to combat hair loss. There are lots of hair loss treatment medicines available out there; all you need to do is to know which one is the right one for you, depending on the extent of the hair loss. Remember, that the longer you wait to treat your hair loss, the harder it will be to achieve good results. So if you want to win this hair loss battle, stand up and do it now! The quicker you take action the easier its going to get.

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Thanks so much for the useful info.  Worrying over this issue has made me want to pull my hair out.


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So what would you suggest? What your stating as truth is the current *theory*. I've scoured all the information I can find online, and after reading about what some of those drugs do (DHT inhibitors, namely propecia)(i had found a better site but this will do "") I'm not so sure they're the best way to go. Also the first two "myths" aren't really disproved. Also anybody have any thoughts on the ideas at ""? Looks objective, although works on the blood deficiency theory(not proven or disproven, but I've seen many homeopathic proponents) i would conclude. I would try saw palmetto (natural DHT inhibitor) but I've heard some off putting things about that as well and need to hear from somebody more experienced with it first (if anyone's ever had any problems with it, and if people have seen success with it alone). Need to start something but not sure what, any experienced comments would be appreciated.

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