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Subject: Calling all Blackberry users!
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Post at 22-11-2010 10:01 PM Profile P.M.

Calling all Blackberry users!

My blackbery 9700 got stolen, lost everything in my life and valuable client information worth thousands...disconnected it and now...

...I am waiting for approval from my insurance company to accept and send me a new blackberry, lucky I found a backup of a .ipd file for my blackberry (Backup-(2010-08-28)  which is better then NOTHING. And I printed all my call logs and I will for this months at the end of the cycle, and call the call logs and reconnect with my clients, hopefully.

Now the apps that I had installed were Google Maps (which included Google latitude), Wheres my phone pro

- I tried Google Latitude and logged on the my PC to track the location but the phone didn't update to the Google servers that night I lost my phone the last update was 55days ago, which is why Google latitude sucks it updates when it can.

- After me and the guy who took my phone we were texting I was offering to pay for it, and throughout that time I FORGOT to send my phone a command using Wheres My Phone, to lock it/gps it. It was at 6am and I was drunk as fuck.

On the side note, I shouldn't created a backup...lesson learned.

Now...for those who are familiar with their Blackberry and treat it as their computer, with protection and security...

What do you suggest I should install?

For the following:

-  Live real-time GPS track...maybe calling a company to track it down or send a command to your self?
-  Remote/wireless backup online and a scheduler...
-  Notify the authorities or a private company, or notify me if it is around me within a certain ft/yard? (is it   possible?)
-  After I do a remote backup, completely disable the device.

if their is more security features I have not heard of please share

Preferably free, or cracked...

Anyone has a app close to this, that is currently using. I know their are similar on the web, but I would like to know your input and experience please before I play with them and install and re-install!

Thank you.


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