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Subject: How to set up VPN for Blackberry 9900
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How to set up VPN for Blackberry 9900

How to set up VPN for Blackberry 9900

For Blackberry 9900 , vpn only for cisco ipsec mode :

This blackberry vpn tutorial can be used for all Blackberry OS 4 5 6 7

Gateway Type : Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN
Group name= ipsec
Group password=ipsec
Username=your vpn account
User Password=your vpn password
Save passphrase: click
Enable extended authentication:click
Dynamically determine DNS:click
IKE DH Group : Group2
IKE cipher :  AES(256)
IKE hash  :  HMAC SHA1(160)
Prefer Forward Secrecy:Don't click
IPSec cryto and hash suit  :  AES256-SHA1  
use hard token:Don't click


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