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Post at 14-11-2009 08:47 PM Profile P.M.
   Very seldom do I give an opinion on a website.

I have been an engineer for over 25 years and belong to communities ranging from Linux, Oracle, to 3rd generation coding. I am not quite sure how many communities / websites I am registered on. I can say this; it is many.

This is the first website that I have taken the time to post a criticism.

Bean Counter:

I think I understand the bean counter program put into place, though it seems a waste of valuable time and is superfluous at best. It is something that I personally would not engage in. If I happen to contribute, so be it. I cannot imagine even trying to keep track.

Control Panel Options:

I am sure there must be documentation on the following:

Credits Operation Log     
Transfer & Exchange     
Thread Payments Log     
Thread Income Log     
Log of rewards payment     

And let us not forget:

My Rewards
Reward Stats.
My Questions
My Answers
My Activities
Originated Acts.
Applying Acts

When I first saw the above in the CP, I took a second glance and shook my head. I find it very difficult that a site with as much potential as this one would complicate it beyond usability. Let us suppose for a minute that one would engage fully in this chaos. In doing so, the owners of this website should bestow a free BlackBerry upon them just for the time and effort it would take to be that fully involved.

I have seen marketing endeavors offering free laptops (and I mean legitimate), where the process was not as complicated.


It also appears this website is a huge AD / Spam pit. I have never run across a website with so many ads and pop-ups. I should say a legitimate website. I would consider this a legitimate website.

I understand that you are attempting to generate revenue through Google ads and do not have a problem with that. I do have issue with the hidden ads and the forced pop-ups. This is deceitful at best and dishonest at worst. Why would a legitimate website feel the need to deceive their members into hidden ads and forced pop-ups? This is indicative of porno sites and removes all professionalism and credibility.

Has anyone who has anything to do with the management or development of this website, ever visit the CrackBerry or BlackBerry sites. And yes, that is a rhetorical question.

CrackBerry accomplishes the same thing you are trying to accomplish with this site, only with credibility and professionalism. Someone should be taking notes.

Forum Responses / Interaction:

I am very puzzled by the requirement for a member to have to first post to a thread prior to being able to download someone else’s contribution.

Is that not what being a member is all about? You end up with page after page of responses that contribute absolutely nothing to this community but “Thank you” just so they can download something.

You have completely missed the definition of what a forum was designed for.

Forums are for dialogue, interaction, contribution and the exchange of information and knowledge. This forum holds very little of any of that.

If a member likes a contribution, they will respond. I see little in the way of asking legitimate questions and the back and forth dialogue on a particular download or topic. Just as an example, look at this thread: ... p;extra=&page=1

There are 26 pages and only about 1 page of legitimate questions of which most go unanswered. There should be more questions and answers. Not page after page of “Thank you.”

I sent someone to this site last night and was embarrassed by what they were going to have to put up with, just to check something out.


In summary, this website has a lot of potential. However, with all of the above mentioned you will never be taken serious. I realize you have approximately 51000 members. However, they are not here to utilize your forum in the way it was meant to be. They are here to simply say thank you and download the contribution.

You need to rethink your business model and get back in the world of professional services. You will be taken a lot more seriously and your members will see you with credibility and not annoyance.

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Post at 15-11-2009 06:27 AM Profile P.M.
I was thinking the same thing on a few issues myself. But after looking thru the site I find more then enuff stuff for my BBStorm At first I was like  . "How am I gonna do this" but after looking thru more of the site it has become more and more helpful to me for my phone. I'm very glad I took the time to look thru everything and try to find a way to make it work for me . It has been an uphill climb I must say but well worth the trip and reading. There are a ton of other sites that give info on BB phone and they also good but for themes apps and other things this place has it wrapped up in my book

Love it !!!!!    glen5084
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Post at 22-11-2009 03:24 AM Profile P.M.
i like it but is to difficult
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Post at 4-3-2010 12:07 PM Profile P.M.

I also agree with Sapient. Especially when it comes to the thank you part. I have noticed that other sites use a "give thanx" box, that esentially does the same thing this site is trying to do , but in a much more efficent way. I would much rather see people ak questions , and maybe...just maybe get an answer for the question that they asked. Besides, i have noticed, that most responses aren't even thanking the OP, the more like garbage letters like oooooooo  or GKASDjBJdBL  , just to get the required amount of characters to be able to download a file.. This really pisses me off when i see this, but i have noticed that the moderators don't do a thing to discourage this.

Anywho, sorry for the grammer and punctionation mistakes, as i am writing this letter with my boss near by.
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Post at 9-3-2010 01:32 PM Profile P.M.
ok....needs to regulate who has access....a waiting period before all is availible...noobies come on
and leech and complain....
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Post at 17-9-2010 08:49 AM Profile P.M.
I have a lot of blackberry cracked app, but i will never upload here, because i can't search i hate this forum rules, but never mine lets have fun ............
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Post at 12-12-2010 04:16 AM Profile P.M.

Originally posted by alb123 at 5/10/2009 21:15

If enough people bring this to the attention of the site operators, perhaps a change will be made.  I'm sure 95% or more of the users would agree that it would make this awesome website even better!!!

Suggestion - Why not open a new poll to see what the popular opinion is on this, and use that to bring it to the attention of the admins/owners/operators?

It seems to me that the mods here to not have sufficient powers or privileges to enforce the posting rules & guidelines?

This is an issue that is not however just affecting the themes section, as it seems to me that many of the games that are posted do not have any information included in the post depicting the details of the game, or perhaps more importantly compatibility information. I also feel that screenshots should be mandatory for the games section too. Although screenshots are not essential for games, they help to give an excellent indication as to whether the game is of the quality that the user is looking for.

I noted a game post that i was recently browsing had no game information or screenshots whatsoever, and had actually been posted by a moderator (who shall remain nameless!), and it goes without saying that people will follow the example set by the staff!

Obviously beenz are a valuable commodity here, so users will want to have as much information as possible about a download before using up any of their precious beenz.

I personally would fully support any decisions made with a view to enforcing the posting regulations by penalizing posters by hitting them where it hurts - ie in the bean-bag!! as this would only serve to improve the quality of the posts here.

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