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Subject: Copy your all total blackberry adresboek to your Simcard
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Copy your all total blackberry adresboek to your Simcard

How do you copy all your contacts on your blackberry ( 8800 ) to your simcard

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Under you may refer to

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Saving Contacts to a Sim Card

1. Open your address and scroll to the person you want to save and click the trackwheel.

2. Scroll to "view" on your menu and bring up that contact.

3. When the contact info is opened, scroll down to the telephone number you want to save.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT scroll down to the number, then you will NOT be able to see the option in the next step!

4. When you get to the number, click the trackwheel again.

5. A menu will pop up and at the top of that menu you will see "Cope To Sim Phonebook".

6. Scroll to that and click your trackwheel.

7. You will now see the name and number of that person under the title "Phone Book Entry".

8. Click "Save".

9. The information is now saved to your Sim Card.
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I guess the process is different with the 8130. I don't see anything about copying to the memory card. I remember when I had an older bb, think the 6XXX series or something. I was able to edit the contact list via my computer then sync to update the contacts on my bb. I find it much easier to type info and birthdays and everything to update my contacts all at once, then to update them one by one.
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