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Subject: Copy installed the bb' software to another blackberry
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Post at 12-1-2008 03:28 AM Profile Blog P.M.

Copy installed the bb' software to another blackberry

1. first is black the raspberry bb end: Option----> advanced options-----> the application procedure searches the software/game name which you must duplicate (e.g.: zuma zuma.cod is the procedure which you install, the following the procedure which as we are going to duplicate take zuma.cod)

2. the blackberry  connection computer, must guarantee that the USB  has not been taken;

3. downloading attachment decompresses the folder; (e.g. d: The plate has the BB folder, downloads file to the BB folder, decompresses to the current folder)

4. the start----> moves--->cmd ---> enters deposits the folder; (may operate d according to below: d:        
                                                                                                                                                             cd \ bb   )

5.  input:  javaloader - u save zuma.cod       (this example use's zuma.cod is procedure name which front must duplicate)after

6. the execution had ended, produces the zuma.cod  in the same folder;

7.Duplicates the following content to produce  zuma.alx ; (attention red position correspondence revises procedure name which you must duplicate)
<loader version="1.0">
<application id="filename">



<fileset Java="1.0">

8.cod/alx install to other bb by DM.

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Post at 26-9-2008 02:59 PM Profile P.M.

BB8181 you have some great posts, but... please do not use automatic translation devices from chinese to english.  It doesn't make any sense.  This is a great post but it is impossible to follow.


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Post at 13-7-2009 01:02 PM Profile P.M.
could you write it on proper english we dont want a webtranslator we want ur own english words
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Post at 12-2-2010 07:20 PM Profile P.M.
iw ish i spoke coder talk this might make sense i would like to give my wife the sims 3 from my phone which i paid for or even (if there is a way) to upload to this site as it is the full version any ideas..
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Post at 31-8-2012 09:00 PM Profile P.M.

Blackberry Roulette.

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