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Subject: My USB sync cable require USB drive
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My USB sync cable require USB drive

Helo, Im a newbee, could you please help me find the USB driver for my BB Pearl, my PC does not regcognise the usb device, my CD broken. thank you very much

First, unplug your BB.

Now, go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and uninstall everything that starts with BlackBerry.....

Now, go into Device Manager and expand the USB, Modems and Ports (COM & LPT) branches. Now, from the Device Manager menu select View --> Show Hidden Devices. (after this it should be checked if you open the View menu again).

Delete all items named BlackBerry Device under USB.

Delete any Standard Modem that's connected to any of the COM ports labeled as a RIM Virtual Serial Port. That is, if you have an item under ports labeled RIM Virtual Serial Port (COM3), and you have a Standard Modem which, when you double click it says COM3 to the right of Port: in the Modem tab, delete it.

Delete all RIM Virtual Serial Ports....

Now all the bad BlackBerry / RIM drivers should be cleaned out.

1. Use this option if you intend to actually use Desktop Manager. Download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.2 Service Pack 1 (requires Windows DST 2007 update). Once installed, Windows should recognize and automatically install your BlackBerry. NOTE: What you download is a self extracting Zip file. However, there's a minor bug in the installation in that if you go to Add/Remove programs to modify your setup (which, by the way can also fix a USB problem), the MSI file will be missing if you clear out your Temp directory. Best practice is to extract the file to a directory (I use C:\Windows\Options\BBDesktop42SP1) and run BlackBerrySetup.exe from there. Now, if you use the Modify or Repair options in Add/Remove programs, the installer will be able to find the MSI file!

2. If all you need is for your BB to be able to charge it, once you've cleaned out your bad USB stuff, plug in the device and run Windows Update. It should update the driver automatically (fingers crossed!).

If all this fails, start all over again, but this time remove EVERYTHING under the USB branch of Device Manager and reboot. Anything that should be there should come back automatically.

Yea, it's not pretty, but USB problems never are!

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Go to the Blackberry site and get the drivers for your phone.


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