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Subject: Make Voip calls directly from your Blackberry
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Make Voip calls directly from your Blackberry

VoipCall for Blackberry allows you to make calls directly from your Blackberry handheld.
Easy to InstallTo install the Voip Application directly to your Blackberry:
  1. Go to
  2. Click VoipCall for Blackberry  Beta 0.38
    link from your Blackberry device
  3. When prompted, click Download
  4. Click Yes to continue installing the application
  5. Click Ok to finish installation

Setting up VoipCall for Blackberry:
  1. After installation, click the VoipCall application icon
  2. Enter your VoipCall Username
  3. Enter your VoipCall Password
  4. Click Ok from your Menu

Using VoipCall for Blackberry:
  1. Click the VoipCall application icon
  2. Enter the phone number to call
  3. Click Call from your Menu
  4. Calls will be received on the phone number activated within your Make a Call account
  5. For troubleshooting, click Here


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