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Subject: Google Maps, Telenav, and BBMaps Links
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Google Maps, Telenav, and BBMaps Links

Google Maps, Telenav, and BBMaps Links
Google Maps 1.6

from your BB browser.
NOTE THAT FOR THE 8300 CURVE THERE IS NO GPS SUPPORT You can download 1.54 here: er=v1.5.4

BBMaps 1.0.70 and 1.1.35 - Since Cingular partnered with Telenav this did not come loaded on the 8800c but may show up on the TM or other versions

AS OF 3-21-07 YOU CAN DOWNLOAD 1.1.35 FROM just be sure to use your BB browser and remove the spaces.

For 1.0.70 which is the pre 8800 version

The BBMaps manual for the 8800 has new features like POI's and new views described in it. Here's the exact instructions for 1.1.27 from another thread but this apparently is not the version described in the manual. :

Download and install Desktop Manager 4.2 Service Pack 2 from:
(Cingular only has version 4.2 as far as I can see)
Download and install BlackBerry Handheld Software (v4.2.1.109 - firmware version from:
(this is the same version as I got on the device, but...)
Once you've installed the firmware from step 2, go to the directory:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8800-v4.2.1.72_P2.3.0.54
and rename the file LBS.alx to LBS.alx.ORG
Download the file LBS.alx.txt from:
(found in the post: and save it as LBS.alx in the directory noted in step 3.
Run Desktop Manager. The first time I did, it wanted to update the firmware - not sure why, but if it doesn't, just run the Application Loader. BlackBerry Maps will appear in the applications list unchecked. Check the box and proceed with the application loader.
BlackBerry Maps will now be installed. You have to turn on GPS under (Settings) Options --> Advanced Options --> GPRS and refresh your location if you're outside. In Maps (the name of the app), go to Options and make sure it had GPRS set to Internal GPS, and you may want to change the Disable Backlight... percentage from its default 100% of battery power!

One thing. There's a function to Copy Location within the application which puts a URL into the clip board which we assume is supposed to display the location you're at so you can [color#1f4881]email it to someone. However, it brings you to what we can only assume is BlackBerry Map's web site, but all you get is the home page. Guess that will work sooner or later!

Telenav for the 8800 and and for the 8100,8700, and 8300

The .54 upgrade for the BB's without a built in GPS fixes and issue that existed in connecting to certain BT pucks.

You can start the TeleNav GPS Navigator application by clicking the icon on the Home Screen. The first time you launch the application, TeleNav GPS Navigator will request you to grant certain permissions. Click to accept all of these and check the box so it doesn't ask you again.
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thanks a lot!!!


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