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Subject: Great Legends Vikings
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Great Legends Vikings

Vikings is a vicious beat’em up, in the vein of classics like Golden Axe and Final
Fight but with a personality all of its own. Based on the myth of Ragnarok, the coming
of the end of the world, this game takes Odin through an exciting journey of pure
Help Odin, King of the Gods in human guise, as he tries to stop Loki and his offspring
from destroying the world, humanity and the gods themselves. Fight against undeads,
giants, thralls and goblins, and prepare to do battle with the legendary sons of Loki.
Key Brand Strengths:
Developed and published by GlobalFun
Intuitive and easy controls
Three game modes included
Story, Survival and Bossfight
Multiple enemies, bosses,mini-bosses, fighting combinations and items
Non-stop action through three different worlds

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no download file


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Thanks for nice game
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at the moment i’m not cheering for anyone to win
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this is really nice man 10x
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i whana play that aloneeee....please...

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