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Author: jake    Time: 13-8-2008 09:09 AM     Subject: favor wedding

At a "favor wedding" generally the bride and groom give gifts or favors to the people who participate in the wedding ceremony.
The choice of present given is very broad and is generally related to the cost of the actual party.
If a "favor wedding" is an expensive affair generally the will be costly.
At some "favor weddings" a small gift is given to everybody who attends the affair.
It is not unusual for a bride to give a special favor to the "Maid of Honor" and for the groom to give something meaningful to his "Best Man".
He or she may give a special gift to other people they have special relationships with.
It is up to each couple to determine how many and what types of party favors they would like to give out to the people who attend their "favor wedding".
Today there are wedding planners who help couples plan their big day.
These planners help them coordinate everything for the affair.
Choosing the party favors is just one more task that the wedding planner assists with.
These professionals will often have catalogues from companies that specialize in party favors of all types.
The families who are putting together a "favor wedding" are able to use these to help them decide on the right items for them.
"Favor weddings" are probably here to stay because people like to receive gifts and the bride and groom like to give the participants something to remember their special day.
Author: kseiden    Time: 8-5-2009 11:03 AM


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