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Can you please explain the Discuz! Code to me?
You can use BB Code, a simplified version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects.

  1. [b]Bold Text Abc[/b]   would produce: Bold Text Abc (Bold Text)

  2. [i]Italicized Text Abc[/i]   would produce: Italicized Text Abc (Italicized Text)

  3. [u]Underlined Text Abc[/u]   would produce: Underlined Text Abc (Underlined Text)

  4. [color=red]Text Abc in Color Red[/color]   would produce: Text Abc in Color Red (Change Color of Text)

  5. [size=3]Text Abc in Size 3[/size]   would produce: Text Abc in Size 3 (Change Size of Text)

  6. [font=Tahoma]Text Abc of Tahoma[/font]   would produce: Text Abc of Tahoma (Change Font of Text)

  7. [align=Center]This is centered[/align]   would produce:
    This is centered
    (Centered Text)

  8. [url][/url]   would produce: (Hyperlink)

  9. [url=]Blackberry Games Directory![/url]   would produce: Blackberry Games Directory! (Hyperlink)

  10. [email][/email]   would produce: (E-Mail Hyperlink)

  11. [] Support![/email]   would produce: Support! (E-Mail Hyperlink)

  12. [quote] is a website for all free download blackberry games. [/quote]   (Quoted Text, similar code [code][/code] for quote program codes)

  13. [hide]Hidden Text[/hide]   (Hide Text to Visitors Unless Replying this Thread,Prompt Visitors information: Sorry, only specified users have permission to download attachments from this forum, please return. )

  14. [hide=20]Hidden Text[/hide]   (Hidden Text According Visitor's Credits

  15. [list]
    [*]first bulleted item
    [*]second bulleted item
    [*]third bulleted item
    [/list]   (Lists)

  16. [fly]This is sample text[/fly]   (Scroll the content horizontally, just like "<marquee>" in HTML, Attention! Only effective in IE)

  17. [fontads]this is sample[fontads]   (Joins the standard color )

  18. Below codes are available only when [img] code is allowed

  19. [img][/img]   (Image)
    would produce:

  20. [img=88,31][/img]  (Resized Image)
    would produce:

  21. [swf][/swf]   (Shockwave-flash)

What are Beans?What are beans used for?How to get beans?
Bean is a unit measuring download capability. Downloading contents from this forum will consume beans. Uploading contents to this forum or recommending your promotion links for new member registration will gain beans.
*.When you register as a member of Blackberry Games, you will get 50 beans automatically.
*.Downloading contents will cost your beans. One downloading will consume 1 bean.
*.You can upload blackberry-related contents (games, themes, software) to earn beans. One uploading will gain 2 beans. You can also earn beans by recommending your friends who use your promotion link to register as a new member of this forum, and then you will get 2 beans for each new member registration by your promotion link.
Please note that uploaded contents should be blackberry-related and effective contents such as Themes, Software, Games, Ringtones, Video or other related contents, and please do not upload same contents repeatedly or any contents from this forum. If you violate this policy, you will get a warning for the first time, and your account will be suspended for the second time.

How can I have more permissions in Blackberry Games?
How to upgrade to be a VIP member?
When your beans reach 500 (,you will be upgraded to be a VIP member.

Blackberry Roulette.

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